About us

We grew up in the 90’s, have an unusually large appetite, often talk in unidentifiable accents and spend too much money on sneakers and overpriced camera equipment.

We get our inspiration from new places and faces, and love to think up creative concepts for brands, agencies and everything in between.

Our advertising motto:
Be the ballerina in the mosh pit
loosely translates to stand out graciously.

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Agency experience

Achtung! Mcgarrybowen
Sid Lee Amsterdam
AKQA London
Cheil London
Brave London

Worked for



Honors & Awards

2019     SAN Accent: Vodafone The Internet of Thing
2019     ADCN Silver: Little Big Speakers
2019     2x ADCN Bronze: PACK
2019     Nomination ADCN Next: Little Big Speakers
2019     Gold and Bronze DAN Innovation award: Little Big Speakers

2018    Golden Esprix: Roboboy Volkswagen
2018    SAN Accent: Roboboy Volkswagen
2018    ADCN Silver: Roboboy Volkswagen
2018    ADCN Nomination Film: Roboboy Volkswagen

2017    Effie Bronze: Volkswagen Memorylane
2017    Effie Bronze: Flexa Kleurentester
2017    SAN Accent: Volkswagen Memorylane
2017    SAN Accent: Flexa Kleurentester
2017    ADCN Nomination Film: Memorylane
2017    2x Bronze Esprix: Flexa Kleurentester
2017    Best Cinematography - 48 Hour Dutch Film Festival (Mr. Wolff)

2016    Gold: Dutch Young Creatives
2015    Wooden Pencil: D&AD New Blood
2015    Wooden Pencil: D&AD New Blood
2015    1st place: PoweredByTweets Competition
2014    Gold: Dutch Young Creatives
2014    Magneet Jong Talent